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An Introduction

Posted in Seneca by ehren on September 15, 2009

Hello, and welcome. This is my first blog post for DPS909 – Topics in Open Source Development at Seneca College (first post ever actually!). I’ve actually known about Seneca’s open source partnerships and projects for some time now. In fact, before even coming to Seneca I had heard about the impressive work done by students which is confirmed by browsing the project wiki.

I’m a 5th Semester BSD student at Seneca and although I’ve been using open source software in various forms for some time, I’ve always been a user. Reflecting on The Cathedral and the Bazaar, which I read recently for class, I find the ethos of not reinventing the wheel somewhat alien to my “development mode” at this point. It’s not that it doesn’t make practical sense, however I find it somewhat contradictory that there can be so much work to do in open source development when so much has already been completed and re-completed (at least in broad strokes). I suppose this gets to the heart of software development as an incremental process however.

For now, I’ll conclude so as not to further run afoul of another mantra: release early, release often!


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