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Help from GNU, Analysis update, and possible contrib

Posted in Seneca by ehren on November 26, 2009

A bunch of stuff has happened regarding a Firefox build with GCC 4.5. I ended up filing a bug report about the link error I mentioned in a previous post. After sending a message to the GCC mailing list referring to it, I received a swift and helpful response. This led to an easy fix on the Mozilla side.

In other news, I reran the outparams.js based analysis I posted before. This time I only checked virtual member functions ie if (!DECL_VIRTUAL_P(func_decl)) return; . The result after removing as many duplicates as possible (without performing any substitutions) is a surprising 2664 alwayszero functions (2512 are in .cpp files and should thus be unique). At this point I’m a bit suspicious of these numbers especially since my earlier Dehydra analysis only turned up 243. I’ll have to go over them carefully tomorrow.

Here’s the list, btw.

Actually, if anyone’s looking for a contribution opportunity in OSD600/DPS909, finding any functions, even one, in the list that are not virtual or that don’t always return 0 would be helpful.


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